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Pleasure craft

On board of your yacht or sailboat you do not want to think about the possibility of ending up in an emergency situation. Nevertheless, it is better to prepare yourself for this, by having adequate and properly maintained life-saving equipment at your disposal. Jacobs LifeSaving can assist you with this.

Life raft inspections

Jacobs LifeSaving is the right place for the inspection of your life raft! With our years of experience, we have built up extensive expertise in performing raft inspections. You can come to us with any brand of life raft and our services are recognised by important marine authorities such as: Nederlandse Scheepvaart Inspectie, ClassNK, RMRS and equipped with ISO 9001:2015.

  • Experienced with various brands of rafts
  • Your raft always in perfect condition
  • Winter storage of your raft is possible

Inspection of life jackets

Just like life rafts, you can have your life jackets professionally inspected at Jacobs LifeSaving. In addition to your life raft, these are the main life-saving equipment on board to ensure your safety when you need to leave your vessel. That is why it is important that your life jackets are in in prime condition at all times.

  • Inspection by experienced professionals
  • Specialised in all types of life jackets

Rent a life raft

A good life raft is a considerable investment, especially if, for example, you only go out on the water sporadically. In some cases, you can therefore save money by renting your life raft. At Jacobs LifeSaving this can be done on a flexible basis and usually even until shortly before departure!

  • Short-term rental possible
  • a bargain for the occasional captain

Our webshop

In addition to the inspections that we perform, we also supply life-saving equipment for pleasure craft. All our products have the necessary inspections and are ISO certified. With our products you can go sailing with a safe feeling. View our assortment of products.

  • Compleet assortiment aan reddingsmiddelen
  • Uitsluitend hoogwaardige, gecertificeerde producten
  • Aanbod van reddingsmiddelen voor zowel de binnen als buitenvaart

What our customers say

“What I really appreciate about Jacobs Lifesaving is that I am now completely reassured that they are always honest about the costs that I can expect when I have my life raft inspected. In my experience, that has certainly not been the case everywhere.”
Frank K.

“Once in a while, the inspection of our life jackets is part of the routine if you want to get on the water safely. Fortunately, I know that I will have them back soon at Jacobs Lifesaving and that they are guaranteed to be safe again at a fair price”
Anke R.

“Since I normally sail on inland waterways, I don’t really need a large life raft. It was therefore a godsend that I was able to rent a raft from Jacobs Lifesaving in a short time-frame and without too much paperwork for my sailing trip to Sweden this year. Ideal for sporadic users!”
Rogier van B.