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SOLAS life raft inspection

Thanks to Jacobs LifeSaving’s many years of experience, you can leave your life raft inspection to us with confidence. During this inspection we guarantee you the highest possible quality. We can live up to this promise thanks to our team of experienced service employees who are regularly certified and trained. Because of this, we always stay up-to-date.

Leasing, exchanging, inspecting

Jacobs LifeSaving offers many of the largest, well-known brands of commercial life rafts. Our service is recognized by important national and international maritime authorities, such as the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate, ClassNK. In addition, we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Based on this, we have developed a high-quality inspection method, with which we are quick and thorough in carrying out the inspections of your life rafts.

At the start of our inspection, the life raft enters our warehouse, where it is checked by means of an entry check. The life raft is then taken to the inspection hall for a detailed inspection. This inspection takes place based on extensive inspection manuals developed by the manufacturers. Contact with the customer during this process is important to us. We inform the customer of any repairs and replacements that are necessary to the material. Finally, the inspection process is completed with a double check and the life raft is returned to the ship in perfect condition.

Is the ship sailing again soon and is there no time for an inspection? Then Jacobs LifeSaving is your partner in commercial shipping. You can also exchange your raft with us for a pre-approved life raft. This way you don’t have to wait, and the ship can set sail again almost immediately with full safety equipment. This option becomes completely attractive within our lease program.

In addition to inspecting and exchanging, you can also use a third option. You can lease your life rafts at Jacobs LifeSaving and use a life raft that we guarantee at a fixed rate. This means that you can take the raft with you on all your sailing trips, while we remain ultimately responsible for the rescue equipment. This way you do not have to worry about purchasing life rafts and their inspection. Does this sound interesting? Then contact us. We are happy to inform you about all lease options of Jacobs LifeSaving, but also about our other services.

The inspection process

Step 1....

The inspection starts with an entry check, which involves an expert eye to identify damage to the container.


Step 2....

Subsequently, the main inspection takes place where the life raft is inspected based on our own inspection process.

Step 3....

Finally, where necessary, materials such as medicines, water and flares are replaced. The life raft is checked one last time and returned to the ship.

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Our philosophy

Life raft inspection is not an amateurish affair. Jacobs Lifesaving guarantees you professional and qualitative service of your life saving equipment. Service you can count on, carried out by authorized employees.

A selection of brands which we inspect

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Our service area

We will collect the life raft from you at the ports below and return it to you after the inspection. To speed up the inspection process, it is also possible to exchange the raft on location.

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Antwerpen

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Vlissingen

Port of Dordrecht

Port of IJmuiden


Port of Terneuzen

Port of Zeebruggen

Port of Gent

Port of Duinkerke

Port of Calais

Port of Le Havre

Port of Rouen

Port of Caen

Port of Brest


Port of Hamburg

Port of Rostock

Port of Aalborg

Port of Marseille

Port of Bordeaux













Le Havre












Frequently asked questions

How often do I have to get my raft inspected?

A life raft for commercial shipping must be inspected every year at a recognized service station.

How far in advance do I have to schedule an inspection?

We are a small and flexible company. Because of this, we are able to shift quickly. We prefer to receive an inspection request as early as possible, but of course everything depends on the planning of the ship. Scheduling an inspection can be done ranging from months in advance up to (and including) 24 hours before the ship departs, provided logistics allow this. Sufficient time is needed to get the life rafts off-board, inspect them and return them safely.

At which locations do you inspect?

In principle, our services are not location-bound, but in practice our service area extends from Northern Denmark to Southern France. Additionally, customization is possible in some cases, although the travel time required for this can be of hindrance.

Which brands do you inspect?

You can find the most recent overview of the brands that we are allowed to inspect here.hier.