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Immersion suit inspection

Jacobs LifeSaving is also the right place for you to have your immersion suits inspected. An immersion suit, also called a survival suit, is primarily intended for use in cold waters and ensures that you do not become hypothermic when you end up in the water. Our specialists are trained and certified in the inspection of immersion suits and therefore, know exactly what to look out for when inspecting your material.

The inspection of immersion suits

Jacobs LifeSaving’s service is recognized by important national and international marine authorities such as Dutch Shipping Inspectorate and ClassNK. Additionally, we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. These certificates demonstrate our competence to inspect all kinds of safety equipment for commercial shipping. In addition to life rafts and life jackets, immersion suits are often standard safety equipment on commercial ships, especially when they operate in colder climates. In order to guarantee the optimal functioning of the immersion suit, it is important to have it periodically inspected by an authorized party such as Jacobs LifeSaving.

For commercial shipping, immersion suits must be inspected once every three years during the first ten years of their lifespan. Suits older than ten years must be inspected annually. To be able to perform these mandatory inspections quickly and efficiently, you need a reliable inspection partner who will never cause you any delay. The flexible examination service for survival suits from Jacobs LifeSaving can offer a solution.

You can schedule an inspection as soon as your ship enters one of the ports in our service area. We ensure that we are ready upon arrival to bring the immersion suits to our service station, where they can be inspected immediately. Our professional staff will quickly and efficiently complete the checklist and check whether your suits still meet the requirements. If so, we will return them directly to your ship. The flexibility of our service enables us to have your immersion suits inspected and certified back to you within 24 hours after request.

In principle, our services are not location-bound, but the transport time factor can in some cases be an obstacle. In practice, our service area extends from Northern Denmark to Southern France, but you can always contact us about exceptions. We like to think along with you and thanks to our personal and service-oriented approach we can act and adapt quickly. We always deliver tailor-made solutions for our customers and your planning is always of central importance.

The inspection process

Step 1....

Through a visual inspection, it is checked whether all parts of the immersion suit are still in good condition and function properly.


Step 2....

The suits are thoroughly checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s checklist and the legal requirements. If necessary, worn parts are replaced or repaired.


Step 3...

If your suits pass the inspection successfully, we will issue an inspection certificate and ensure that we get the immersion suits back on board as soon as possible.

Immersion suit inspection

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Our philosophy

Immersion suit inspection is not an amateurish affair. Jacobs Lifesaving guarantees you professional and qualitative service of your life saving equipment. Service you can count on, carried out by authorized employees.

Our service area

We will collect the survival suits from you at the ports listed below and return them to you after the inspection.

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Antwerpen

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Vlissingen

Port of Dordrecht

Port of IJmuiden


Port of Terneuzen

Port of Zeebruggen

Port of Gent

Port of Duinkerke

Port of Calais

Port of Le Havre

Port of Rouen

Port of Caen

Port of Brest


Port of Hamburg

Port of Rostock

Port of Aalborg

Port of Marseille

Port of Bordeaux













Le Havre













Frequently asked questions

How often do I have to get my immersion suits checked?
The service interval of a survival suit depends on its age. Until a survival suit is 10 years old, it must be inspected every 3 years. After this, it must be inspected every year.
How far in advance do I have to schedule an inspection?
We are a small and flexible company, so we can always adapt and switch quickly. Logically, it is nice to be able to plan work as far in advance as possible, but an urgent inspection is also almost always possible. Everything is of course related to the planning of the ship. Scheduling an inspection can be done from months in advance up to and including 24 hours before the ship departs. This depends on the port in which the ship moors. After all, time is always needed to unload, inspect and return the survival suits.
At which locations do you inspect?
In principle, our services are not tied to a service area and the transport to and from our service station is the only hindering factor. In practice, our service area corresponds to the ports in the table above.
Which brands do you inspect?
We inspect all brands of immersion suits.