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Life raft inspection

With Jacobs LifeSaving you are safe at sea, so your only job is to enjoy your journey. We provide the periodic inspection of life rafts for your yacht or sailing boat.

Inspection of the life raft of your pleasure craft

Your life raft is arguably the most important rescue tool on board. In contrast to life jackets, a raft keeps you out of the water, which greatly reduces the risk of hypothermia. It has been designed, tested and approved to ensure your safety when you have to leave your ship. You need to be confident that it will work flawlessly and that you know what to do in an emergency. The only way to ensure this is to have your SOLAS life raft inspected periodically at an authorized service station, such as Jacobs LifeSaving. Our service station is certified and inspected annually by the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate. We inspect your life raft and, if necessary, replace the enclosed tools and equipment. You can contact us with rafts from almost all manufacturers. We have many years of experience as a supplier of and service station for life rafts in pleasure craft and commercial shipping. Thanks to our skilled employees, you can get back on the water carefree and safely after your inspection.

We use a base inspection price of €187.55 for the inspection of life rafts for pleasure craft. For this amount, we check the condition of your raft and identify which parts of the raft or equipment need to be replaced. For example, it often happens that your emergency kit needs to be replaced. We always give you a clear quotation for the extra costs for the material and labour to ensure that you meet all requirements quickly. This means that you will not be faced with expensive surprises, but you always know where you stand. As soon as we have completed the inspection, you can pick up the raft including an inspection certificate. You can also choose to have it shipped.

In the months of September to November you can be present by appointment to open and inspect your life raft. While enjoying a cup of coffee you will receive some explanation about how your raft works. The advantage of this is that you know what you have on board and how to use the life raft in an emergency. If you have your raft inspected during the winter season, we also offer the option to store it for you. You don’t have to carry around the raft unnecessarily and it won’t get in your way until you need it again.

The inspection process

Step 1

Upon receiving your raft, we carry out the first part of the inspection at the base price in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and check which additional actions must be performed.


Step 2

We will inform you of parts of your life raft that need to be repaired or replaced, including a clear quotation for the material and any labour.


Step 3

If your raft has passed the inspection and has been sealed again, you can come and collect it or have it shipped. You will also receive an inspection certificate.

Life raft inspection pleasure craft

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Our philosophy

Life raft inspection is not an amateurish affair. Jacobs Lifesaving guarantees you professional and qualitative service of your life saving equipment. Service you can count on, carried out by authorized employees.

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A selection of brands we inspect

Plastimo logo


Plastimo is an iconic brand in pleasure craft and supplies a wide range of safety equipment, including life rafts.



SeaSafe is a British manufacturer of, among other things, high-quality marine life-saving equipment.



Arimar life rafts are suitable for use at sea and are therefore a valuable addition to your pleasure craft.


Service titel Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about life raft inspaction for pleasure craft

How often do I have to have my raft inspected?

For a private individual there are no laws or regulations about how often a life raft should be inspected. Everything is an “advice”. For example, a manufacturer gives a 12- or 16-year warranty if the life raft is inspected every 3 years at a certified service station. The life raft often contains emergency signals, which also expire after 3 years. These must be replaced during the inspection.

How much does an inspection cost?

The standard inspection costs are € 187.55 incl. VAT. This price is for the inspection / maintenance of the life raft and excluding repairs and replacements. For a more specific price indication, please contact us via the inquiry form on this page.

How far in advance do I have to schedule an inspection?

That depends entirely on the season. It is most convenient to have your raft inspected in the winter months, so that you are not without a life raft when you want to get out on the water in good weather. Yet many people don’t think about it until the spring season. Then it is often already too late and there is often a considerable waiting time, which can be up to several weeks. The busiest period is from January to June.

The sooner you bring your life raft to us, the more likely it is that you will have it back on time. For example, you can also choose to bring your life raft in October and pick it up again in April. We then have ample time to carry out the inspection and you do not have to store the raft during the winter.

Where can I drop off my life raft?

You can deliver your life raft personally to our service station in Strijen for an efficient inspection. This ensures that we are in direct contact with you as a customer and that you can pick it up again immediately after the inspection.

The life raft can also be brought to one of our return points throughout the Netherlands. We pick it up there and bring it back after inspection. Please note that this will take longer than if you bring the life raft directly to us.