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Life jacket inspection

With Jacobs LifeSaving you are safe at sea, so your only job is to enjoy your journey. We provide the periodic inspection of life jackets for your yacht or sailing boat.

Life jacket inspection for pleasure craft

It’s something you’d probably rather not think about, but it’s extremely important to prepare for it: dangerous situations while on water. If you have to leave your ship and end up in the water, you usually rely on your life jackets to keep you safe until help arrives. Having your life jackets inspected periodically at an authorized service station ensures they won’t let you down when you most need them.

You have come to the right place for the inspection of your life jackets. Jacobs LifeSaving takes care of the inspection of your life jackets and ensures that you can go back on the water with a peace of mind. If your vests are approved, we will provide them with an inspection certificate. We can inspect almost all brands of life jackets for you. All parts are checked and replaced if necessary. We use an all-in price for most brands and types. For example, you pay a fixed price for 150N and 275N life jackets (with the exception of life jackets with a hydrostatic valve such as Hammar).

  • 150 N Life jacket € 25.00 incl. VAT
  • 275 N Life jacket € 29.00 incl. VAT

You can deliver your life jackets at our location for inspection during our opening hours. Of course, you can also send your life jackets to the address below. We ask you to provide your shipment with a short message with your wishes and your return address, so that we can ensure that they are inspected as soon as possible and are returned to you as soon as possible.

You can use the following address to send us your life jacket(s)

 Jacobs Lifesaving BV
Antonie van Leeuwenhoekstraat 4-6
3291CR Strijen

About Jacobs LifeSaving

Our young, but experienced team, is available every day to ensure your safety on the water.


From our fully equipped service station in Strijen, we can provide you with complete service. Our workshop has all the necessary tools and test material.


We value a personal service and guarantee an attentive and thorough inspection of your life jackets.

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Our philosophy

Jacobs LifeSaving is a young and dynamic company that values quality, effectiveness and efficiency. We leave nothing to chance during our inspections: after all, these are human lives.

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Here you’ll find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How often do I have to have my life jackets inspected?

There are no laws or regulations for private individuals to inspect a life jacket. Everything is an “advice”. The guideline for inspecting a life jacket is 2 years, so it is advisable to follow this guideline for optimal safety.

How much does an inspection cost?

We maintain an all-in price for most brands and types of life jackets. For example, you pay a fixed price for 150N and 275N life jackets (with the exception of life jackets with a hydrostatic valve such as Hammar). 150 N Life jacket € 25.00 incl. VAT 275 N Life jacket € 29.00 incl. VAT.

How far in advance do I have to schedule an inspection?

That depends entirely on the season. It is best to have your life jackets inspected in the winter months, so that you do not run out when you want to get out on the water in good weather. Yet many people don’t think about it until the first sun rays. Then it is often already too late and there is often a considerable waiting time, which can be up to several weeks. The busiest period is from January to June.

The sooner you bring your life jackets to us, the more likely it is that they will get it back on time. For example, you can also choose to bring your life jackets in October and pick them up again in April. We then have ample time to carry out the inspection and you do not have to store them during the winter.

Where can I drop off my life jackets?

The life jackets can be brought directly to our service station in Strijen. This ensures that we are directly in contact with you and that the life jackets can also be picked up immediately after the inspection has been completed. This makes it the most efficient and fastest way of inspecting. The life jackets can also be returned at one of our return points in the Netherlands. We pick them up there and bring them back here after inspection. Keep in mind that this takes longer than if you bring the life raft to us yourself.

If desired, it is also possible to send the life jackets to our service station. These will be returned with PostNL after approval. Note: JLS is not responsible for damage or loss at PostNL. You can use the following address to send your life jacket (s)